Loving life as a single person/parent with kids

mother holding daughter on bed

One thing that I have learnt as a single parent is that you are the adult, and the kids simply don’t have the capacity to understand all the challenges and decisions that you are facing on a regular basis.

I have always been open with my kids – I tell them the shortened version of what I am dealing with so that they can appreciate and understand if I am not my happy and bubbly self. I believe that this open communication provides the kids with skills of resilience, empathy and a reality check of what life can dish out. Trust me, since the death of my husband I have many awkward and confronting conversations with the kids – topics that were never even on my radar pre death.

Kids are amazing – they take it all in and are nonjudgmental!

I have been so focused on supporting the kids in all that they do with their school and hobbies – this is a balance and can be super challenging – however slightly easier now my 17  year old has her driver’s license – that experience is another blog!

Create new memories as your new family unit. Spend time together, ensure there is laughter and fun created, after all they are kids and need to still have some fun. Forward think, you need someone to visit you in the retirement home! Work on your relationship with your kids – you have one shot at this parenting gig so make sure that you give it your all.

Use your friends or a professional counsellor to discuss your challenges, often you know the right answer to a situation, you just want some form of reassurance that you are doing the right thing. There is no right or wrong answer, follow your instinct and back yourself.

Create some fun for YOU. Make sure that you have time away from the kids, often as parents we put ourselves at the bottom of the list, cause that’s what we do – BUT maybe we need to place ourselves somewhere up the top. Make time to catch up with friends, go to a movie, gym whatever floats your boat – if we take the time to look after ourselves everything seems to fall into place.

Give it a go!!!