Relocating? How a buyer’s agent can smooth your move to a new city

If you’ve decided to move interstate to take advantage of a job opportunity or lifestyle change, there is much to consider when it comes to purchasing a new home. This is especially true if you are moving to a completely new city or town where you don’t have a strong network of family or friends who have local intel on the area.

This is where a buyer’s agent comes in to make the transition easier – particularly when you’re still based interstate during the house-hunting process. Consider a buyer’s agent a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge about family-friendly areas, school catchments, great suburbs you may not have heard of and off-market properties in your new city.

After getting to know your requirements and wish list, we can make a shortlist of potential properties, attend open homes, negotiate transactions and bid on your behalf at auction. Buyer’s agents exist to make the house-hunting process less stressful and more joyful.

For interstate buyers, we know that relocating is a huge move and there’s a lot at stake. I personally make it my mission to listen carefully and ascertain exactly what my clients are after before putting their brief out to my contact list of top agents and assessing what’s already on the market.

I’ve noticed some things are very important to interstate buyers and I always want to get a feel for the type of lifestyle they’re hoping to lead by moving to Brisbane. Maybe they want to walk to cafes or a local pub. Good street parking might be a non-negotiable. Many are looking for highly rated public or affordable private schools. So many new arrivals from interstate are delighted to find that these attributes are readily available in Brisbane.


One thing’s for sure, hiring a buyer’s agent will equip you with local insights that will save you from making costly mistakes. Many interstate buyers don’t know much about Brisbane and haven’t spent a lot of time out of the CBD. It’s like moving to Sydney and only having heard of Bondi. There are so many fantastic little pockets a buyer’s agent can introduce you to.

Even within one suburb, performance and demand can vary depending on the street you’re looking at. I’ve lived in my local market, raised a family here and worked as a real estate professional for many years so I have a detailed understanding and appreciation of the area.

I’m not just searching for properties every day, I’m also physically visiting and inspecting them. I know these areas and can pass this knowledge onto my clients. My area of expertise is the Brisbane city fringe areas, within 10 kilometres of the CBD.


Unlike real estate agents, who represent sellers, buyers’ advocates represent buyers’ interests. If you engage me as your buyer’s advocate, I work for you. I don’t take sales listings so there are no conflicting agendas. I do however have many amazing relationships with the city’s best-performing real estate agents who get all the most desirable listings because I’ve worked in the industry for 20 years.

With my network of contacts, I can easily access information from databases that aren’t readily available to the average house-hunter. I also have increased access to off-market properties that haven’t been listed yet.

If an interstate move is on the horizon for you, engaging a buyer’s advocate will help you get off to the best possible start in your new hometown.

– Joanna