Buying Property – Don’t Go It Alone

As we near the end of another financial year, we can often find ourselves itching for a change.  This could be a change in career, a new hobby, new home or investment property. Many of us can hit this crossroad without a clear roadmap of which path to take.

Let your imagination run wild”

I am often speaking with buyers curious about moving home. This could be upsized, downsized, first home purchase or an investment acquisition.  My advice to these buyers is to understand their motivators for this change, understanding their why and then allowing themselves to envision a new life with these changes. Don’t hold back, dream big.   Getting a clear picture of what your new life and home could look like is the very first step to getting there.

The role of a Buyer’s Advocate

When it comes to helping my own clients through the house-buying process, I’m there from the initial chat. We cover everything from their current situation to their dream outcome – then right through the viewing, finance, negotiating and buying stages of the process. With years of industry experience in the Brisbane property market, I use my expertise to make house-buying an easy, stress-free process.

First of all, let’s explain exactly what we mean by a buyer’s advocate. Put simply, a buyer’s advocate is a licensed real estate agent who supports and represents the buyer at every stage of a property purchase – always making sure they get the best possible deal.

Buyer’s advocates are experts who know both the local property market and what’s currently for sale. They make it their business to attend inspections and keep an eye on local sales – all of which leaves them perfectly placed to hunt down your dream home. Once you’re found where you want to be, they walk you through the process – from negotiating on your behalf to helping you with finance and nailing down the contract, they take the pain out of buying property.

Buying a property has many moving parts to get a deal pulled together ensuring that all parties within the transaction (buyer & seller) are adhering to legislative requirements.  Working with a buyer’s advocate will empower you with all the knowledge and support across numerous contributing platforms.

  • Finances. Buyer’s advocates aren’t financial advisors, but they have enough know-how and industry connections to put you in touch with experts who can help you.
  • Viewings. The list of properties you want to view can seem out of control and unmanageable – your agent can make sure you see every house you should and none of the ones you shouldn’t.
  • Network. Buyer’s advocates have long-term experience in the property market and know the people you’ll need to speak to on the way. From mortgage brokers to building and pest companies, conveyancers and so on, your agent can connect you to the right people, every time.
  • Negotiation. One of the scariest parts of buying a house is the negotiating – how do you do it? How can you know if a house is overpriced and how can you negotiate the seller down? Your agent has the industry know-how to do all this and more – getting you the very best price in the process.
  • Admin. Terrified of the complex and seemingly never-ending stream of paperwork associated with moving house? Let your buyer’s advocate keep everything moving and take care of all the forms and contracts – leaving you free to do the fun bit.
  • Emotional support. We all know buying property can be a rollercoaster of emotion – your agent, as an emotionally detached bystander, can soak all that up and help you avoid making rash, emotion-driven decisions.

So, finding the right home is not an easy process. Some eople sometimes spending months trying to find the right home particularly in these current market conditions.   Will working with a buyer’s advocate speed up the buying process??  My answer is simply – Absolutely – A definitive YES.

Advantages of using a Buyer’s Advocate

Because a buyer’s advocate is constantly working within the property market and being actively involved in transactions, they are subsequently aware of market conditions, stock that is coming online and have access to off market properties. These are elusive properties that are not listed on the main real estate portals and are generally kept secrets with real estate agents. We love these opportunities.

A buyer’s advocate will encourage their client to get all personal affairs into order to ensure there is an adequate deposit and pre-approval in place on a bank loan. This will help minimise the risk of potential hurdles and ensure that when entering a contract of sale there will be limited conditions.

The property market is often quick moving and, in most scenarios, buyers need to react quickly to secure the property. A buyer’s advocate can help guide their client to paying the best price with limited conditions, making it a favourable offer for the seller.

For a typical home buyer, the process of buying the right property can be a very lengthy and drawn-out out process. It can be overwhelming with all the factors that need to be considered when making such a hefty investment. If you are seeking to have someone that can guide you, be your emotional filter and challenge the status quo, then it might be worth engaging the services of an exclusive buyer’s advocate to help you navigate through this process of property ownership.