Why use a buyer’s agent?

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First of all, let’s explain exactly what we mean by a buyer’s agent. Put simply, a buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate agent who supports and represents the buyer at every stage of a property purchase – always making sure they get the best possible deal.

Buyer’s agents are experts who know both the local property market and what’s currently for sale. They make it their business to attend viewings and keep an eye on local sales – all of which leaves them perfectly placed to hunt down your dream home. Once you’re found where you want to be, they walk you through the process – from negotiating on your behalf to helping you with finance and nailing down the contract, they take the pain out of buying property.

Here are just some of the services a buying agent can provide:

  • Finances. Buyer’s agents aren’t financial advisors, but they have enough know-how and industry connections to put you in touch with experts who can help you.
  • Viewings. The list of properties you want to view can seem out of control and unmanageable – your agent can make sure you see every house you should and none of the ones you shouldn’t.
  • Network. Buyer’s agents have long-term experience in the property market and know the people you’ll need to speak to on the way. From mortgage brokers to building and pest companies, conveyancers and so on, your agent can connect you to the right people, every time.
  • Negotiation. One of the scariest parts of buying a house is the negotiating – how do you do it? How can you know if a house is overpriced and how can you negotiate the seller down? Your agent has the industry know-how to do all this and more – getting you the very best price in the process.
  • Admin. Terrified of the complex and seemingly never-ending stream of paperwork associated with moving house? Let your agent keep everything moving and take care of all the forms and contracts – leaving you free to do the fun bit.
  • Emotional support. We all know buying property can be a rollercoaster of emotion – your agent, as an emotionally detached bystander, can soak all that up and help you avoid making rash, emotion-driven decisions.

If you think you’d benefit from the services of a buyer’s agent, I’d love to hear from you. It’s my job to guide you at every stage of the process – making buying property as pain-free as possible.