vendor advocacy

A comprehensive service for vendors whereby we project manage all aspects involved with the sale of your property

Selling a home or investment property can be one of the most stressful transactions people will make. There is the risk of engaging the wrong agent or agency and making significant and costly mistakes.

As Vendor Advocates, we act as your personal advisors to ensure you achieve a favourable result when selling your property.

If you are ready to sell your property, but unsure of the process, we’re here to help.

We can remove the stress out of selling your property by guiding & assisting with the most critical areas of the sale. From selecting and appointing the best local real estate agent to represent you and managing the campaign, to adding value during the marketing and sales process, we dedicate our efforts and experience to help you achieve a positive sales price and projected outcome.

Wherever you are located you can rely on our team for a completely transparent process.

What we offer

  • Initial Consultation
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • Independent Valuation
  • Agent Selection
  • Agent Appointment
  • Buyer Negotiations
  • Auction Support
  • Full Support to Settlement

Why use a Vendor Advocate?

Vendor Advocates can help match vendors with the real estate agent who fits their unique situation. As a vendor, it’s all too easy to feel completely removed from and intimidated by the selling, and especially the auction process – but this should not be the case. Our vendor advocates will guide you through each step of the sales process to ensure vendor costs are reduced and uncertainty removed. We ensure you’re kept fully informed and that the end result is the best possible outcome for you in your circumstances.

Why work with a buyers agent?

When it comes to purchasing an investment property, it’s crucial to understand the local market, as well as what’s ahead long-term. That’s where I come in – as an agent with connections throughout Brisbane’s property market, I can help you make the informed decisions that mean you end up with your ideal investment property.

What to consider

As an experienced buyers agent, I work with you to secure properties with the best possible rental returns in key locations – keeping negative gearing front-of-mind where necessary. Sourcing solid homes that require little maintenance, I find the best deals on the market, and utilise my established relationships with excellent property managers.

Act quickly

The Brisbane investor market has never been hotter – to secure the very best deal and build your future, contact me today.

Ready to Begin ?

Please feel free to fill out the information below to take the first step towards a fruitful relationship with a dedicated vendors advocate working towards your best interests. We understand that selling a property, especially a prestige property can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. So, this is our offer to you: peace of mind.

Allow us to manage agent interviews and selection and help you secure the best outcome for the sale of your property.

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