Tips On How A Buyers’ Agent Negotiates

The service a Buyer’s Advocate provides is well beyond finding a property. We want to share with you a few ways how the team at JBBA negotiates for our buyers.

We Always Put Our Offer In Writing.

Often, we verbalise to an agent a suggestion of what we would like to pay, however if we actually put this offer in writing, whether through email or a text, it shows the agent we are serious about putting an offer on the property. By law, an agent needs to present all written offers to the vendor, so by us following these processes and making sure we do it the right way from the get go, we get on the front foot on behalf of our buyers.

We Never Reveal Reasons For Our Clients Buying

Buyers can become very emotionally attached to a property and we always say not to get too excited until we go unconditional because anything can happen through the early phases of a contract. Obviously, the emotions felt by an investor buyer is going to be quite different to an owner occupier, so a Buyers’ Advocates job is to understand and manipulate the contract negotiation phase to the advantage of our buyer – which can’t happen if an agent is privy to buyers circumstances.

We Work On The Basis Of Reality

When a client is not comfortable moving into a contract situation for a property and the way in which we’re proceeding with presenting an offer, we recommend our buyers walk away from the property purchase. There is always going to be another property available and it’s really important we take away that stress and angst and ensure we’re purchasing the right property for the right reason.

We Always Double Check The Contract

We always have our contracts double checked by professionals – obviously through a Solicitor or Conveyancer. Although as Buyers Advocates we are very familiar with contracts, we do them on a daily basis, a buyer, especially a first home buyer, may be a little more reluctant. All the legal jargon and terms and conditions can be a minefield. So, we actually prepare the contracts in conjunction with the selling agent and then have our buyer’s conveyancer double check to give our buyers piece of mind as to the legalities and their responsibilities moving forward.

Hopefully these ideas have helped and please know you can always contact Joanna and the team to assist you through the entire negotiation phase as that’s something we do every day.