Joanna Boyd - Seminar

Get ready to become a property-buying pro in just 2 hours!

Say goodbye to costly property mistakes and hello to stress-free, sound property buying with proven strategies from Brisbane Real Estate expert and Buyers Advocate Joanna Boyd.

 Whether you are an investor or homeowner looking to upgrade, book now for this exclusive 2-hour seminar, absolutely jam-packed with essential property buying information.

Get insider information, expert insights and advice about buying property in Brisbane that you won’t simply won’t find anywhere else. 

With Joanna’s proven techniques and unique knowledge from years of industry experience, you’ll leave this seminar feeling confident, informed and ready to find and buy your perfect property. 

Don’t wait – secure your spot today!

What you will learn:

  • – The top 3 mistakes that cost buyers huge money and how to avoid them
  • – What is happening in the property market right now, and where the market is heading
  • – Why gentrification is your best friend for lifestyle and capital gain and where it is happening
  • – What sort of buyer you are and how to avoid common traps
  • – Brisbane’s prestige property hidden gem locations
  • – How to leverage property cycles to make sound buying decisions
  • – The top 3 secrets to finding the perfect investment property
  • – How to find the best prestige property in your budget without compromise
  • – How to negotiate so you don’t pay too much for a property but don’t miss out
  • – How a buyers agent can help you save money and time and find the ideal Brisbane house, stress-free.
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“As a Financial Adviser in Melbourne for nearly the last 20 years, I’ve worked closely with a number of Buyers Advocates. I can very confidently say that Joanna Boyd is one of the very best.I’ve just worked closely with Joanna personally to secure an outstanding investment property in Brisbane against strong Owner Occupier demand. The property ticked all the boxes and pleasingly, rental will be well above expectations.Based on my personal experience I will be highly recommending Joanna Boyd to our clients who are looking to buy quality investment properties in the Brisbane area.”

– Matt Morrison

Your presenter – Joanna Boyd

Joanna Boyd, founder and owner of Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate, is the ultimate property champion dedicated to putting your interests as a buyer first.

With over X years of deep industry expertise and a passion for empowering buyers, Joanna is the ultimate authority in the Brisbane real estate scene. Joanna has helped countless individuals find their dream homes and investments. 

From prestige family homes to stress-free investment properties with solid returns, Joanna guides you to find and buy your perfect property every step of the way. Learn from the best with Joanna Boyd.

“I just purchased a unit in Brisbane through Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate . They listened to what my requirements were , so no time was wasted looking at properties that were not in my criteria. They also gave great advice on position and pricing. I am very happy with the unit they found and the price!

– Don Seage-Pape

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