Can a Buyer’s Advocate speed up the buying process?

Finding the right home is not an easy process, with people sometimes spending months trying to find the right home. Will working with a Buyers Advocate speed up the buying process??

Absolutely – A definitive YES.

Because a Buyers Advocate is constantly working within the property market and being actively involved in transactions, they are subsequently aware of market conditions, stock that is coming online and have access to off market properties. These are elusive properties that are not listed on the main real estate portals and are generally kept secrets with real estate agents – we love these opportunities.

A Buyers Advocate will create a client brief based on specific requirements, locations and other factors that are an integral part of their client’s next home. They will also identify their clients PAIN points, then seek out opportunities based on the client criteria and budget – they might even short list some properties that could be “Left of field” for the client to consider.

A Buyers Advocate will encourage their client to get all personal affairs into order to ensure there is an adequate deposit and pre-approval in place on a bank loan. This will help minimise the risk of potential hurdles and ensure that when entering a contract of sale there will be limited conditions.

Buyers Advocates also have strong relationships with other working professionals (mortgage brokers, financial planners, lawyers) and Real Estate agents – by communicating with all these other moving parts it ensures that if an opportunity arises, your Buyers Advocate can work in your best interest immediately.

The property market is often quick moving and, in most scenarios, buyers need to react quickly to secure the property. A Buyers Advocate can help guide their client to paying the best price with limited conditions, making it a favorable offer for the seller.