from personal discovery to property success

Activate the reset button on your new life with this series of one-on-one sessions
I’ve developed to help you transition in terms of mindset and physical space

Navigating death or divorce? I’ve been there. I know how hard it is. Especially when there are practicalities that need to be addressed now.

When my husband died in 2017, I moved house (with three kids) within four months. No way was I thinking clearly and no way was I ready. I
wouldn’t recommend moving that quickly to anybody. But sometimes you have no choice but to keep moving forward.

My From Personal Discovery to Property Success – 1:1 Sessions package includes an immersive series of one-on-one consultations where
we talk everything out and set some clear action steps designed to activate your new life.

The tasks and processes we develop together will ensure you can slowly focus on your vital ‘transition’ phase (which can’t be rushed) while
considering other factors that need to be addressed before, during and after your reset.

Once we’ve set your tasks, I’ll check in with you at regular intervals to hold you accountable and keep your reset process on track.

You’ll receive a beautiful embossed diary to record your thoughts, notes and milestones as we navigate your reset process together.
My intention, when all is said and done, is for you to see that it’s possible to strip back your old life, build a new life and find happiness there also.

here’s how it works


Your personal discovery journey

I’ll ask you a series of questions and thought prompters to help you rediscover
who you are and what you really want

  • Who are you?
  • What’s important to you?
  • Imagine if money wasn’t an issue. What would you want your life to look like?
  • Identify some dreams and aspirations.

Together, we keep in mind that you can’t change the past. I encourage you to focus on looking forward and remind you
that your precious energy is better spent focusing on something new.

Now’s the time to re-write your own story with new chapters based on the life you want to lead going forward. In your new diary,
I’ll set you your first task: a daily BRAIN DUMP where you clear your mind each morning by writing down your thoughts, ideas
and to-dos.

Questions to ask yourself during your brain dump include:

  • What is my emotional headspace?
  • What obstacles need to be removed before I make my transition? How can I achieve this?

Some other tasks I’ll set are purely practical. These include:

  • Track all the companies that have your postal details using an Excel spreadsheet so you can inform them when you move
  • Open yourself up to new experiences and friendships
  • Think about your inner circle and ask which friendships fulfil you. Consider taking a break from friends who drain your energy.

Now’s the time to rewrite
your own story


Understanding your financial position

This is the stage where I can suggest a Mortgage Broker and Financial Planner
to assist with finances and figure out how everything fits together

Essential questions at this stage will include:

  • What are your ongoing expenses?
  • What expenses can be reduced?
  • How much can you afford to spend on a new home and relocation expenses?
  • What is your lending capacity?
  • Do you have financial pre-approval? (We’ll need to determine this before we begin your property search).
  • Whose name will be listed on the contract of sale when you buy your property? Yours or that of a company or trust?
    You’ll need to be aware of the set-up and implications.


Setting up your personal affairs

This is where I help you get your life admin in order

While this can be an uncomfortable process in the beginning as you sift through documents and gather recommendations,
straightening out your personal affairs is incredibly satisfying and will help protect your family should anything happen to you.

With my help, you’ll:

  • Engage a financial planner
  • Engage a local solicitor
  • Engage a conveyancer
  • Engage a mortgage broker
  • Take out adequate insurance
  • Update your will and distribute copies
  • Consider financial restructuring and whether a family trust may be right for you
  • Nominate an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPO)
  • Discuss your Advanced Medical Health Directive with your GP and solicitor
  • Maintain a password book where you record everything
notebook to do list


Learning how to manage your money

For many women used to operating in a partnership, managing day-to-day
money matters can be daunting

I certainly found it terrifying at first after my husband died and I learned SO much I can’t wait to share with you.

Together, we’ll create a realistic budget you can stick to with my support. I’ll help you:

  • Understand your bank accounts, passwords and set-up
  • Get to know your local bank manager
  • Set SMART financial goals
  • Establish an Emergency Fund
  • Determine your investment strategy for your impending property purchase (10-15 year hold, 1-5 year or temporary residence).

Once we’ve set your tasks,
I’ll check in with you at
regular intervals


Understanding the property buying process

As we near the end of your personal reset – however long that takes – it’s time
for me to put on my Buyers Advocate hat

As your property buyers agent, I’ll help you:

  • Understand the types of property purchases (private treaty, auction and tender)
  • Learn the pros and cons of various property types (units, townhouses, houses and apartments)
  • Calculate typical outgoings based on property type (rates, body corporate and strata management fees)
  • Figure out who needs to be involved in your buying process
  • Determine whether there any influencers in your life (family and friends) who you need to consider when deciding on size, location
    and nearby infrastructure
  • Map out a timeframe to move and feel settled
  • Understand your needs VS your wants and your expectations VS reality
  • Narrow down your desired location when you factor in work, schools and your own requirements for a fresh start
  • Decide what needs to happen before we can start your property search.

Then it’s time to find your perfect home

Remember, there’s no rush on how long this process will take. I would suggest at least 12 months
between your divorce or losing your partner until you are ready to engage a Buyers Advocate. It may be
longer; it may be shorter. Everybody’s different. These are traumatic events and you need to process so
many things before making decisions with long-term consequences.

The work we do together will help enormously as you figure out what you want your new life to look like.
When you are ready to move (and you’ll know when you are), you may wish to activate my Integrated
Advocacy package.

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