Real estate agent vs buyer’s agent – what’s the difference?

Key in front door of house with house on key chain

You may think real estate agent and buyer’s agent are interchangeable terms for the same person – trust me, they’re not. In a sense, they work for opposing teams – whereas a buyer’s agent obviously acts with the buyer’s best interests at heart, a real estate agent works on behalf of the seller to get the best price for their property.

If a buyer doesn’t have an agent, it can make the whole experience somewhat imbalanced – which is where I come in. I work closely with real estate agents to learn everything I can about the property and get the very best price for my buyers, and continue to support them throughout the contract and finance processes.

In case you’re ever worried about a conflict of interests – don’t be. Buyer’s agents are held to strict industry standards – if they accept money from a selling agent or a developer they’re breaking their code of conduct, and it’s actually illegal for them to receive money from both the buyer and seller. Put simply, you can trust a buyer’s agent to genuinely be on the side of the buyer – using their experience and negotiating skills to secure the lowest possible price for the buyer’s dream home.