Rachel’s First Few Months With JBBA

Having previously worked as a Real Estate Agent I can now say my true passion lies in the Buyers Advocacy side.

Representing a seller as a Real Estate Agent was merely transactional. Representing the interests of a perspective buyer means getting to know them a bit more personally. I love the fact we have a close relationship with our clients. They come with a story and together we ride the property journey together.

In many situations we are representing first home buyers often showing signs of buyers’ fatigue.  I work with relocating families heading to Queensland looking for their dream family home and I also enjoy helping our investors grow their property portfolio.

In my first week on the job, I witnessed tears. Tears of joy as clients came in to the office to collect their keys upon settlement. It was a happy place to be and to think we had achieved that for them!

Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocacy doesn’t discriminate. No client is too small and everybody deserves the same service. I love that we are a high touch service only ever taking on eight clients at any one time and communicating with them daily. Having owned and operated a business for over two decades pioneering fashion in Brisbane and servicing Brisbane’s discerning clientele, I understand how providing an “edge” proves essential when meeting Brisbane’s distinguishing market.

I consciously chose to join the Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate team because their company’s values resonate with mine. The entire team goes above and beyond to provide clients with the best outcomes for their chosen properties. This is achieved through solid relationships, referral and integrity.

Matching the right home with the right buyer is a truly fulfilling experience.

Joining the Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate team feels like the best match for me.