Prestige Property Brisbane

Your Luxury Home Buyers Agent

Purchasing a property in Brisbane can be difficult in itself, especially in this current property climate. Add to that, the increasing number of cashed-up prestige property buyers looking for a luxury home for sale in Brisbane and people are feeling the full weight of buyer fatigue.
Luckily, things can go smoother, and you are able to secure one of the luxury homes in Brisbane faster, with a dedicated Buyer’s Agent working tirelessly by your side. With Buyers Advocates, such as ours at Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate, you receive the support, advice and knowledge required to give your property purchase journey, the desired outcome.

Boutique Property Advisors Know the Local Area

Even within a small region, performance and demand can differ depending on the street where you live. Joanna and her team at JBBA have resided in the Brisbane’s Inner North premium suburbs for many years, raising their families and working in the real estate sector, so they have a thorough understanding and appreciation for the area.

Every day, we’re not only looking for properties for our clients, we’re also personally visiting and inspecting them, as well as reaching out to our property networks to gain insight into upcoming changes both in listings and the market itself. These are areas in which we are knowledgeable and can share this information with all our clients.

Upbeat with the Network of Boutique Homes in Brisbane

Joanna has worked within the Queensland real estate sector for nearly two decades. This experience culminates in a network of contacts of which the office of Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate receives property information from various industry partners that the average home buyers isn’t able to readily access.

To assist our clients with making informed decisions, we assess sales statistics, monitor suburb values, investigate capital growth potential and explain the results in simple terms.

A Luxury Home Buyers Agent Saves You Time

It takes time and occasionally some patience to search for our clients’ potential properties, organise inspections and negotiate with multiple selling agents simultaneously. As Buyers Advocates, we can handle all of this for you, saving our clients time and eliminating the frustration. We encourage our clients to focus on the essential task at hand: gaining a “feel” for the house and determining whether it’s the ideal place for your next life chapter.

Why Do You Need Boutique Property Advisors?

Whilst house-hunting usually begins with great excitement, over time, it can take its toll on even the most committed of property sleuths. This is especially the case for those looking for a prestige property in Brisbane. Finding boutique homes in Brisbane demands extra effort and diligence due to their specialised markets and limited availability. Additionally, most luxury homes for sale in Brisbane are unlisted, leading to property exchanges without some buyers even getting a glimpse of these homes. Brisbane’s high-end prestige market has traditionally been favoured by interstate and international purchasers, however now, even locals are contributing and driving this market demand. As your Buyer’s Advocate our networking goes to work, sourcing those elusive pre market and off market properties and helping you gain a competitive advantage during auctions or private treaty negotiations,  whilst maintaining your anonymity if you so desire.

I Would Like to Know You Better

If you’re interested in our services, please feel free to send us a message either through the contact form or contact us directly. Joanna makes it a point to speak with all our clients to get to know them personally. We fully understand that, like prestige properties, no two clients are alike. Please allow us to hear your story and your property journey so far, so we can determine the best course of action to find your dream home.

What to consider

As an experienced buyers agent, I work with you to secure properties with the best possible rental returns in key locations – keeping negative gearing front-of-mind where necessary. Sourcing solid homes that require little maintenance, I find the best deals on the market, and utilise my established relationships with excellent property managers.

Act quickly

Please feel free to get in touch with me for any enquiries on how I can help you out. I would love to take the time to chat and get to know you better.