Pitfalls when relying on website listings

The use of technology in real estate land is fantastic and very helpful to assist with the search of a property.   However, we cannot rely on inspecting a property via photos and videos, especially when agents like to use wide-angle lenses to showcase a property in its best light!!

Unfortunately, photos and videos don’t relay all the elements of a property, they won’t allow you to get a sense of the flow of a house and an understanding of how you could live in the property.

Walking through a front door you will get feelings for the property and experience the smells, the noises and observe all those little ideocracies that make each property unique.

Investigating the land to which the property sits also needs to be undertaken, ensuring that you are looking at the structural integrity of the house, the retaining walls, boundary fences, drainage and the likes – are there any red flags??? 

Whilst these audio-visual tools are great to sell the sizzle and lure potential buyers into considering to purchase, the buyer still needs to undertake more due diligence and get an overall appreciation of the property and the potential long-term negative effects that could impact the properties growth and sustainability.

Nothing is better than having a person working on your side to provide local knowledge & feedback about the street, neighbours, local walking tracks, nearest coffee shops and the sense of community that surrounds. 

Engaging a Buyers Advocate will allow the buyer to have a full appreciation of the property in its entirety and beyond the images and video walk-throughs.

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