How to handle the paperwork you never expected

When my husband, Tony, passed away whilst we were holidaying with our three children in Bali, nothing could have prepared me for the admin nightmare that was about to compound my huge grief. From dealing with insurance and funeral arrangements to locating and activating his will, changing the car rego, cancelling memberships, utilities and subscriptions and wading through mountains of other paperwork, it would’ve been a mammoth task at the best of times – when combined with sudden loss, it felt overwhelming.

To somehow get through it, I kept an excessively large exercise book with tabs marked for different sections (house, finance, business and so on) – it was my bible, and I took it everywhere! Every conversation was documented, and I’d record the outcome and details of any action I completed. I quickly realised that another action would usually be required on the basis of the one being completed – the process was like opening Pandora’s box. I also kept a spreadsheet with a list of subscriptions and memberships I needed to cancel by advising that my husband was now deceased. It sounds horrific, but these conversations almost became robotic – however, they were also a BIG part of moving on and simplifying.

As I progressed, it was super imperative that anyone I got to help me – including financial planners, solicitors and accountants – were all on the same page when it came to us making decisions. The people you surround yourself with are so important, and I feel so lucky to have had all these people supporting and sheltering me on the journey. When I eventually found myself where I’d wanted to be – in our new family home, and a fresh start, I couldn’t have been more grateful to everyone who’d helped me on the way.

Nowadays, I channel all of this experience into helping other people who find themselves in a similar position, as part of my service as a buyer’s agent. My role is to work closely with clients in order to determine what processes need to be in place to commence their property search, before we start moving towards their dream home with a series of timeline actions and a detailed to-do list. As I’m not the expert in every profession we may need to utilise, I also connect them to specialists I’m confident can help my clients move in the right direction as painlessly as possible – because getting to that fresh start is what we’re focussed on right from day one. With someone by your side – and all the accountability and support that involves – we quickly get to the exciting part of choosing a new home!

If you find yourself at a loss of how to move towards your new beginning, get in touch today. I can provide you with my workbook – “From Personal Discovery to Property Success” – which has some great questions that’ll make you stop and think about what steps you need to take, or we can simply meet up for a chat to set the ball rolling. Whatever you need, I can help – I’ve been there, done that, and it’s my honour to help others navigate the same situation.