hey there I’m Joanna Boyd

I’m Joanna Boyd. I can be described lots of ways.

Property obsessive and real estate professional.
Born negotiator and problem solver.
Proud mum of three and … widow.

It’s hard to comprehend how that last, simple word (laden with stereotypes) can describe the enormity
of what’s happened since my beloved husband, Tony, passed away suddenly in 2017. I’ve learnt so much since
that traumatic night.

We met while working at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel back in the nineties. I’d just finished studying and he was
at Uni. We both had a love of family, property and of giving anything a crack.

I’d always worked hard, liked helping people plus I could talk underwater! A career in Real Estate was a
natural fit and I worked in diverse roles including recruitment, business development, franchise
management, insurance and real estate training. Tony was a born leader who co-founded a successful
property investment management and advisory business.

At home, we were a solid family unit with our three beautiful children – Keeley, Lachlan and Oliver. We were
on a family holiday in Bali when our lives changed forever. Tony died after having a heart attack. He was
just 46 years old. In the days after, as I was dealing with interpreters, Balinese red tape, coroners, airlines
and trying to support our children, I remember it felt like I’d become a ‘third person’. I’m still amazed at the
human ability to somehow ‘cope’.

Upon reflection now, all the books and experts recommend you don’t make any big decisions in that first
year but you are bombarded with questions and issues that need to be resolved right away.

In our case, I needed to simplify our lives and quickly. The family home was an acreage property. I couldn’t
maintain it on my own. Within four months we moved to a new house, sold an investment property, sold all
our furniture, bought all new furniture, I became a shareholder in my husband’s property business, moved
the boys to new schools, undertook substantial maintenance on the acreage property and staged it for sale.

This was the first step of re-setting our new lives – without Tony.

I couldn’t change what happened so I looked at this situation
as a ‘new chapter’

I needed to focus on what’s important to me. My children, my happiness and doing something that fulfils me.

I’d always wanted to be a Buyer’s Advocate. Tony and I had even written a Business Plan to set up an agency
years ago. Now the time was right, but I altered the plan slightly. I was going to use my real estate knowledge
and contacts to help buyers, specifically those who found themselves suddenly single through death or divorce
or separation or whatever else life throws at you.

Going through this myself really opened my eyes to the need for a Buyer’s Advocate dedicated to support
people in a similar situation. Finding a new home is a big part of writing that next chapter in your life. If you
don’t have the real estate training then you need the right advice and professionals acting in your best interest.
You need someone who understands the decisions you’re facing. Someone who can relieve the pressure of
house hunting and negotiating. Someone who can keep the whole process on track so you can focus on that
next chapter with a sense of optimism, even excitement.

I will always have a huge piece of Tony in my heart. I see him every day when I look at our gorgeous children.
But I’ve accepted he’s not going to walk through the front door. I’ve learnt some massive lessons since he
passed away and one of those is that I can help others reshape their future as I rewrite my own.

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What you need to know about Buyers Advocacy

There’s so much to consider when buying a home. I can remain
objective when evaluating a property and ensure you don’t overpay

Why a Buyers Advocate?

Why a Buyers Advocate?

A Buyer Advocate doesn’t sell real estate. We only work for you, the buyer. A Buyers Advocate is licensed real estate professional who searches for suitable properties, based on a client’s brief, handles due diligence, negotiates purchases and represents clients at auctions.

Why Choose Me?

Why Joanna Boyd

Buyers Advocacy combines the two things I’m best at: real estate and helping people. Resetting my own life after losing my husband has given me a unique understanding of how to be the best buyers agent in Brisbane for my clients who are purchasing a home after a life-altering event.

City Fringe Areas

Why Brisbane City Fringe

As a property buyers agent in Brisbane, my speciality is buying property for clients within 10km of Brisbane’s CBD. Home to some of Queensland’s most in-dement locations. These are leafy liveable suburbs, and it’s where I’ve raised my own family.

Suburb Profiles

Suburb Profiles