Launch Blog

joanna boyd working outside on laptop

WOW – this is a bit daunting…. ARGH, I am a business owner again, a single mother to 3 teenagers and now it appears that I write blogs.

Welcome to my first ever blog, this is going to be a journey for me and I am excited to have you join me for an interesting ride as we navigate through the stresses of life, the constant changes,  decisions that need your attention.  Most importantly finding your sense of purpose and your happy place – OH & PROPERTY !!!!!!

I have always had a love for property, interior design, landscaping, architecture and gardening, anything that has one or some of these elements is my happy place.  As you will see from my website, my life took a sudden change of direction back in 2017 and I have spent the last 2 years trying to rediscover my self and working out how I commence my next life chapter as a single mother, financial provider and friend to many whilst being kind to myself and filling my happiness bucket.

I am so excited that I have created a business that I can fully immerse myself in that will in turn assist and empower others to find their sense of purpose and perhaps assist individuals on their new chapter.

There are so many of us that have dealt or are dealing with separation, divorce, death and one of the biggest obstacles faced in these situations is sometimes the necessity of selling your original family home and finding a new home that you can call your own.  This new home will be a safe place, a space that you can place your stamp on and make your own.   When you have your home situation stabilized you will then have the ability to deal with the many other lessons and decisions (good and bad) that come your way.