How to envision a new life – and then how to get there

Whether life’s dealt you an unexpected hand or you simply find yourself itching for change, many of us hit crossroads without a clear roadmap of which path to take. As someone who’s been there and come out the other side, my advice would be to stop and take the time to envision your dream life. And don’t hold back – dream big! Getting a clear picture of what your new life could look like is the very first step to getting there.

Let your imagination run wild

First up, let’s start by imagining money wasn’t an issue (how lovely would that be!) If you didn’t have to consider costs, what would your dream life look like? When it comes down to it, our dreams may not be as unobtainable as we think – you’d be surprised how much can be achieved with expert advice and a rock-solid plan. Don’t forget to take in other considerations – kids, pets and anything and everything else that’ll be joining you on the journey.

Build your personal knowledge bank

To start your new life, you need to be prepared. First up, learn all you can about your goal and the things involved in getting you there. This isn’t just because knowledge is power – it can also give you a feeling of control in what can be an intimidating process.

Baby steps, big results

Taking a giant leap from one point to another can be overwhelming and off-putting – that’s why I recommend breaking goals down into small, manageable tasks that get you where you want to be without breaking a sweat. A manageable to-do list gives you a sense of achievement every time you tick off another task – and before you know it, you’ll find you’ve achieved your ultimate goal.

Call on the experts

To make your new life a reality in a truly pain-free way, you’re going to need to call in the experts. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, you’re not expected to know everything – fully-trained experts are on hand and it’s their job to guide you. When it comes to helping my own clients through the house-buying process, I’m there from the initial chat – where we cover everything from their current situation to their dream outcome – then right through the viewing, finance, negotiating and buying stages of the process. With years of industry experience in the Brisbane property market, I use my expertise to make house-buying an easy, stress-free process.