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How to Become an Informed and Empowered Property Buyer

The Power of Knowledge: Learn how to find and secure your perfect Brisbane property

Presented by Joanna Boyd

Maximise your house-buying success and minimise the pain with your own property-buying blueprint. Learn from Brisbane’s foremost Real Estate Specialist and Buyers Advocate, Joanna Boyd, in this exclusive, VIP seminar. 

One of the biggest mistakes home buyers can make is to start their property journey before locking in their finance. We’ll demonstrate how having pre-approval can not only make the process faster, it will also open options to properties buyers may have thought were out of their reach.

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You will learn:

Learn proven strategies to ensure you are not only purchasing the property you want, at the price you want, but most importantly, supports you in your life and financial goals.

Identify Your Buying Motivation – Buying a property indicates a life change is imminent. Are you looking to buy as a first-time buyer or as an investor? Are you a downsizer, upsizer or seeking a sea change? Pinpoint your motivation so that the property you buy supports your life change, making it a reality and not a nightmare.

Your Why and The Property Clock – Uncover your “why”, identify the right property for you and use the property clock to find the best time to purchase. 

Mastering The Market: How to get accurate and valuable property market information. How to find the best places for you to buy. Why gentrification matters.

Don’t be a slave to your mortgage! How to buy your property, get a mortgage and still have a life!

Gathering your Property Team: Buying a home or investment property can be very overwhelming and this is where putting together a property collective of professionals, can put you ahead of the pack.

The Property Search and Avoiding Property Pain – Critical things to check in an open home to avoid bad decisions. How to remove your emotional attachment from the purchase, so you don’t pay too much or end up with the wrong property. The keys to being smart and assertive in the house-buying process.

Friends and Foes on Your Property Journey – Understanding who works for the seller, who works for you, who has your best interests at heart and who doesn’t. How to retain your power and autonomy in the negotiation and buying process.

Red Flags and the Power of Due Diligence – Why due diligence is the most effective way to prevent house buying disasters and costly mistakes. What to worry about and what not to worry about.

Negotiation Tactics, Legislative Paperwork + Jargon Broken Down – How to negotiate from a position of strength. Know the ins and outs of Queensland property contracts. Jargon explained. Remaining in control and empowered throughoutt the property buying process.

Buyers Agents – Your Key To Success – how a buyers agent removes the pain of property buying and gets you positioned ahead of other buyers for a successful purchase.

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Property Buyer Reviews

“As a Financial Adviser in Melbourne for nearly the last 20 years, I’ve worked closely with a number of Buyers Advocates. I can very confidently say that Joanna Boyd is one of the very best.

I’ve just worked closely with Joanna personally to secure an outstanding investment property in Brisbane against strong Owner Occupier demand. The property ticked all the boxes and pleasingly, rental will be well above expectations.

Based on my personal experience I will be highly recommending Joanna Boyd to our clients who are looking to buy quality investment properties in the Brisbane area.”

Matt Morrison

Faced with the prospect of buying a new home, I found myself ill-equipped to identify and manage the processes and challenges. So, I reached out to the experts. Joanna Boyd and her team were outstanding.

Joanna’s knowledge and experience in the industry cut through the distractions and focused on my requirements and expectations. I am now in my new home and will be forever grateful to Joanna and her team for making a highly complex process seem easy.”


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Event Venue: 1/175 Given Tce, Paddington, Brisbane.

Introducing Joanna Boyd

Joanna Boyd, founder and owner of Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate, is the ultimate property champion dedicated to putting your interests as a buyer first.

With many years of deep industry expertise and a passion for empowering buyers, Joanna is the ultimate authority in the Brisbane real estate scene. Joanna has helped countless individuals find their dream homes and investments.

From prestige family homes to stress-free investment properties with solid returns, Joanna guides you to find and buy your perfect property every step of the way. Learn from the best with Joanna Boyd.

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