what my clients say

Working as a buyers agent is my passion in life, and I’m delighted to have found the
perfect home for many happy customers.



Julie & Jonathan Case

Joanna and her team have been wonderful. We were open to their feedback, and they helped us to define the areas and the type of property that would best fit our budget and needs. When a property was of interest they inspected the property for us, providing video of all areas and a decisive summary on the property. The systems they have in place to provide constant updates and to communicate with us have been thorough and focussed. As they are independent from all real estate agencies, they have been able to provide genuine, independent feedback. We had complete trust that the team would find us the right property. In the current heated Brisbane property market, we would not have been able to purchase our property without their expertise and daily follow up. We highly recommend the Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate team to assist you in purchasing your Brisbane property.



Angus Gardner

Although our search was long Joanna and her staff searched long and hard to find us the perfect house. Thanks to them we found a good house, and a great home.



Megan Thompson - Seminar Attendee

I had the privilege of attending the property seminar hosted by Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate, and I must admit, it was an eye-opening experience even for someone well-versed in the real estate industry like myself.

As an experienced conveyancer, I deal with property transactions on a daily basis, but the seminar offered by Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate team provided a fresh perspective and a wealth of valuable information. Their in-depth knowledge of the market, coupled with their insights into the intricacies of buyer representation, truly impressed me.

The seminar content was not only informative but also tailored to address the specific concerns and challenges that home buyers face. Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate team showcased a deep understanding of the legal and logistical aspects of property acquisition, which is crucial for any conveyancer to ensure a seamless transaction.

What sets Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate apart is their dedication to empowering home buyers with the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions. Their commitment to transparency, ethical practices, and client advocacy shines through in every aspect of their presentation.

I wholeheartedly endorse Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate and their property seminars to any home buyer seeking a comprehensive understanding of the buying process. Their expertise not only benefits the buyers but also enhances the collaborative efforts of professionals like myself in ensuring a smooth property transaction.

Megan Thompson
Senior Conveyancer
Zettle Pty Ltd