Buyer’s Agent and Real Estate Agent – Yes, we can work together!!!

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Not quite sure what the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Real Estate Agent is?

It’s simple – a Buyer’s Agent (or Advocate) acts on behalf of buyers and a Real Estate agent acts for the sellers.

Typically, Real Estate agents are there to get the best possible sale price for their seller’s property in the quickest time. They are born negotiators and skilled to tap into people’s emotions and key drivers to ultimately obtain an offer and property contract for their seller.  Sure, they can help buyers as well, however if not handled with care, there could potentially be a conflict of interest within a transaction.

In contrast, the Buyer’s Agent’s role is to get the best deal for their client, and use their experience and knowledge of the local property market and negotiating skills to secure the lowest possible price when the client is ready to purchase.

A Buyers Agent does so much more than negotiate a property transaction, we can assist with the emotional burden, be analytical, working within budgets, adhering to client criteria, whilst guiding and nurturing the buyer to secure their dream property or investment property. 

Real Estate Agents and Buyers Agents can 100% work together – it’s a win win for all parties involved. We are both skilled property experts and have similar objectives however work exclusively for each party.   There will never be a conflict of interest within a transaction and the whole process should be relatively seamless (as we will shelter our client of those “unexpected challenges” that can sometimes occur within a transaction.