why choose Joanna?

Reassurance and confidence in your property purchase

Being a Buyers Advocate combines two things that I love and that I’m best at – real estate and helping people. Property is more than just a
career to me, it’s a lifelong obsession! And resetting my own life after the loss of my husband has given me a unique understanding of how
to help clients who are purchasing a home after a life-altering event such as the death of a partner, divorce or separation.

An experienced real estate professional on your side

Buying a property is the biggest purchase most of us make. There’s a lot at stake and so much
can go wrong along the way. When you’re dealing with selling agents, having an expert working
in your best interest can mean the difference between buying a dream home or a lemon.

I’ve been involved in the real estate industry in Queensland for nearly two decades. With an
extensive network of contacts and a strong reputation as a skilled and experienced property
professional, my clients can rely on me to help them buy the right home at the right price.

Compassion and understanding when you need it most

For most people, buying a house is already a stressful time filled with worry and self-doubt. When you’re
house hunting on your own because you’ve recently been widowed or divorced, then it’s likely you’re
experiencing enormous emotional upheaval and extra responsibilities. I know because I’ve been there.

You don’t need to do this alone. Having an expert by your side who understands what you’re going
through means you can focus on resetting your life and writing the next chapter.

Impartial and independent expert advice

It’s hard to remove the emotion from buying a property. Especially when this home is where you’ll set
the next chapter of your life. But emotions mean you can be impulsive, discouraged, pay too much
or miss crucial red flags in a property.

When I was dealing with all the responsibilities and decisions following my husband’s death, I
realised I needed experts by my side. Selling agents can be very charming but they’re working for
the vendor. I’m there to act in your best interests. I listen to you and offer objective information and
advice. And because I know my local market, I make sure you don’t over pay.

Enjoy the feeling of confident decision making

My experience professionally and personally in the property market over nearly two decades means I
understand the process of transacting real estate and the potential pitfalls that can arise.

I’m an organiser, a negotiator and a problem solver. Finding solutions to any challenges that emerge
is a skill I enjoy putting into practice to help my clients. I place great emphasis on communication and
ensuring my clients feel confident that they’re making the right decisions for their situation.

Take the pressure out of purchasing property

When I’m representing you, there’s no dealing with dozens of selling agents or agonising over price
negotiations. I understand the emotions involved for clients who are buying a home because they’ve
lost a loved one or have gone through divorce. That’s where I can relieve the pressure and even
make the process enjoyable.

I believe strongly that finding a new home in these circumstances should not be stressful. This should
be a time when you are thinking about your goals and priorities and resetting your life. As your
Buyers Advocate, I do the research, inspections, analysing, bidding and negotiating.

No one knows the local market better

Every suburb has its sought-after areas and up-and-coming locations. But you need inside
knowledge to work out where those places are. I offer extensive insights into my local market because
I’ve lived, worked and raised a family here over many years.

As a buyers agent in Brisbane, my expertise lies in the Brisbane city fringe within 10 kilometres of the CBD. These are some of the
most highly desirable, liveable and vibrant suburbs in the country. I’m constantly monitoring and
analysing my local market’s performance and physically inspecting properties in these areas. My
network of contacts, built over decades, also gives me increased access to off-market properties.

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When I'm representing you, there's no
dealing with dozens of selling agents
or agonising over price negotiations


Why Choose Me?


What is a Buyers Advocate? Buyers Advocates don’t sell real estate. They only work for the buyer. A Buyers Advocate is a licensed real estate professional who searches for suitable properties, based on a clients brief, handles due diligence, negotiates a purchase and represents clients at auction.

City Fringe Areas


My specialty is buying property for clients within 10km of Brisbane’s CBD. Home to some of Queensland’s most in-demand locations, these are leafy, livable suburbs and it’s where I’ve raised my own family

My Packages


My services are available in three high-value packages, depending on the level of support you need and how involved you want to be.

Suburb Profiles

Suburb Profiles