why a Buyers Advocate?

I love houses and nothing makes me happier than helping someone find the
right property for the next phase of their lives

I also understand what it’s like to be searching for a new home because of a life-changing event such as the death of a partner,
divorce or separation. It’s an emotional and stressful time. I learned you need experts on your side acting in your best interests.
There are many benefits to having a professional Buyer’s Advocate working for you.

What is a Buyers Advocate?

A licensed real estate professional who acts on your behalf to search for a property and
negotiate a purchase. As an independent Buyers Advocate, I don’t sell real estate. I only
work for the buyer. I can remain objective when evaluating a property and ensure you are
aware of current market conditions and expected property values.

Helps you determine your wish list

There is so much to consider when buying a property. Understanding what you’re looking for
is crucial. Is air-conditioning a must? Do you prefer established over new? Are you willing to
forgo a pool to be in a certain school catchment?

These kinds of questions can be daunting at a time when you’re already dealing with so
much. I can help you work out your wish list of what you need and what you want. And most
importantly, the qualities that will make it a ‘home’.

Has the network and knowledge

I’ve worked in the real estate industry in Queensland for nearly two decades. This means I
have a network of contacts and can access information from databases that aren’t readily
available to the average house hunter.

I can evaluate sales data, suburb values and capital growth prospects and explain the
results in plain language to help my clients make their decisions. My network also means I
have increased access to ‘off market’ properties – homes that haven’t even been listed yet.

Knows the local area

Even within one suburb, performance and demand can vary depending on the street you’re
looking at. I’ve lived in my local market, raised a family here and worked as a real estate
professional for many years so I have a detailed understanding and appreciation of the area.

I’m not just searching for properties every day, I’m also physically visiting and inspecting
them. I know these areas and can pass this knowledge onto my clients. My area of expertise
is the Brisbane city fringe areas, within 10 kilometres of the CBD.

Understands property, through and through

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid is crucial when buying property. The last thing my
clients need is to find potential issues when they move into their new home. When I come up
with a shortlist of suitable properties for clients, I’ve eliminated homes that raised any red flags.

As a Buyers Advocate, I can also organise building and pest inspections, surveys and
engineering reports for you and help you make sense of them.

Saves you time and reduces stress

Searching for available properties takes time. Organising inspections and dealing with several selling
agents at once can also be a lengthy process involving dozens of phone calls. As a Buyers Advocate,
I can coordinate this for you to save you time and stress. This means you can concentrate on the
most important task – getting a ‘feel’ for the home and whether it’s right for your next life chapter.

Works with trusted professionals

When my husband passed away, I had to sell and buy property within the space of a few months. I
learned that it’s crucial to have expert advice. I’ve built a network of contacts over my years in real
estate and can recommend reliable professionals to help my clients.

From reputable mortgage brokers to help with financing, to trusted building and pest inspectors and
property lawyers, there are several experts you’ll need to assist you with purchasing your new home.

Negotiates for you

Real estate negotiations can be tough. The process is not for the faint-hearted and I wouldn’t
recommend going it alone to anyone who’s feeling raw and vulnerable. I negotiated our house
sale and purchase shortly after Tony’s death and no way would I repeat the experience.

You need an advocate who knows what they’re doing to ensure you don’t overpay or miss out.
A huge advantage of hiring a Buyers Advocate is that you don’t have to go through the
harrowing process of negotiating yourself. You instruct me and I go to bat for you.

Keeps your transaction moving

Property transactions happen fast for a reason. When they stall, it’s frustrating for all involved
– particularly the buyer and seller. Working with a Buyers Advocate means you’re hiring
someone to stay on top of your offer and settlement. It’s the best way to ensure your
transaction maintains momentum.

As your Buyers Advocate:
I make all the phone calls.
I send all the emails.
I know what needs to happen, when.

Is objective and can be your emotional filter

No one knows better than me how emotional buying a house can be. When we sold our acreage
and moved into our new home after my husband died, I could barely breathe until the deal was
done. I was that attached to the outcome.

A Buyers Advocate is clear-headed and objective, trained to take the emotion out of a decision.
While you, the buyer, make the final call, I can be your sounding board as you weigh up the pros
and cons. Having this buffer can help you avoid rash moves clouded by emotion and panic.

house map of brisbane

Understanding what you’re
looking for is crucial


Why Choose Me?


Buyers Advocates don’t sell real estate. They only work for the buyer. A Buyers Advocate is a licensed real estate professional who searches for suitable properties, based on a clients brief, handles due diligence, negotiates a purchase and represents clients at auction.

City Fringe Areas


My specialty is buying property for clients within 10km of Brisbane’s CBD. Home to some of Queensland’s most in-demand locations, these are leafy, livable suburbs and it’s where I’ve raised my own family.

My Packages


My services are available in three high-value packages, depending on the level of support you need and how involved you want to be.

Suburb Profiles

Suburb Profiles